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Center Stage on Wykeham Road

I recently took a gut renovation in Washington on and the results were remarkable. The home was beautifully built with all the finest attention to detail and it was

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Majestic in Mystic

The location of this 3500 square foot colonial is a sleeping little New England fishing village with very much character that the builder wanted to incorporate int

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Connecticut Lake House

This art collector wanted a home to be stream lined and still have the feel of timeless elegance with family antique pieces.

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Kelley Seymour:




Barbara Bourgeois:

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A House Between Two Waters

There exists a small house on a small stretch of land, just wide enough for a road and a small patch of land for a house. On the one side of the road is Palmers Cove..

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A Plea for Ecological Sustainability and Good Design Choices

In a recent Huffington Post article Sweden recycles 99% of its waste from which it generates fuel. This is an astounding statistic and what is even more astounding i..

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Prioritizing Projects to Maximize Results

Let's take a look at the projects critical path, prioritizing your home renovation and avoiding over-improving your home.

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Martine Nolletti, M Home Style

Martine Nolletti

owner and designer

Over 25 years experience in design. Trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, She also studied woodworking and Antiques as a youth in Florence Italy. She has a wealth of knowledge in construction, Antiques, Art, Furniture, Fabric design and lighting. Her multi faceted and holistic approach allows her facility and ease in all aspect of home design.

Her speciality is adapting spaces to allow volumes to interact, playing with texture and color, and selecting just the right accessories to achieve a creative and interactive experience.


The Recommended Badge Goes Only to Top-Rated Professionals on Houzz - Awarded on September 9, 2015 Awarded Best of Houzz 2015 - Client Satisfaction on January 13, 2015
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Our Work

Our designers work with your space from start to finish, keeping well in mind the constraints of the site as well as the personal expression and personality of the client.

We aspire to harmonize your environment while creating interesting focal points to capture the eye and the imagination. In this way we deliver a deep sense of well-being within ones own space. Careful placement consideration is given to both form AND function.

Our Goal

We listen to your concerns and to what you hope to achieve. We exchange ideas and offer our vast experience in sourcing and creation to enhance the concept of the design. We set the pace for a rational order throughout all construction phases to the realization of final product seamlessly.

We work with contractors that are bonded and insured to assure you quality and professionalism. All phases of the design process are meticulously overseen to ensure an optimal result.

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