Litchfield County Horse Farm

Litchfield County Horse Farm

A beautiful country home gets the appropriate treatment.

This home was built as a reproduction farmhouse but had some inherent issues that prompted the owner to contact us.

The home is in a beautiful setting oriented facing rolling hills and incredible views and sunsets. Sadly the fenestration and room orientation did nothing to capitalize on the property’s gracious views. There were various small rooms with no apparent purpose and it gave the home a cramped, dark, disconnected feeling. The fireplaces were haphazardly placed next to door openings to further confuse the flow and rendering the fireplaces useless.

The orientation of the island was changed and new double windows were installed along the entire length of the house. Two walls were eliminated to create an open floor plan balance by the fireplaces as the pivoting point.  New lighting was adding to further introduce light into the space.

The end result was an upgraded first floor that was both open and airy and loft like while still keeping the earthy farmhouse quality.

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Bethlehem, CT

March 2013

June 2013

$25,000 - $50,000


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